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I wanted to love it when I was young because I was always still a fan of the Ninja Turtles and it seemed like an awesome show being in live action. In fact, I actually used to wake up early when new episodes were on and taped them. I'm not sure what happened with me falling out of it later on, I think they just stopped airing them back to back or something else took my 10 year old mind away from it.

I know going back and watching it that there are elements I like and elements that STILL don't work for me. I like the idea of Dragon Lord and the Rank...but the execution of it all was bad....but Venus didn't work for me then and especially doesn't now. Watching it on Netflix at least gave me a few laughs but I HATE the new theme song they had to use compared to the old one.

Also, even as a kid I knew it was cheap because of this scene right here...Leonardo takes a bite out of an egg while the Turtles are hanging out in the park and then hides it behind his back. It's hilariously amateur. Go look at the 10:26 mark.

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