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I have way more of a problem with Venus being an awkwardly shoe-horned in "5th Turtle" than I do with her being a woman. Other mutant turtle characters like Slash and Tokka are fine because they didn't join the group, and weren't ret-conned into being part of the TMNT's origin (I don't like that they did that with FW Mondo either). Also, calling Chinese sorcerers "Shinobi" is kinda messed up too.

Venus could work if she was a recurring character, not a main character, that has her own separate origin story, is called the proper term for a Chinese sorcerer (Wu, perhaps), and had a more defined personality of her own.

If they did all that, I wouldn't mind her reappearing in a future version. But, I'd prefer if they didn't bother. Or used my take on her...

...where she's a deranged fangirl who wants to be a Ninja Turtle.

But, I think if any Next Mutation character deserves to return, it's not Venus, it's Dragon Lord!

Originally Posted by sdp View Post
Another quarterly TNM thread with the same replies
Well, I think that's part of the problem. I think Next Mutation would get a lot less flack around here if every Next Mutation thread didn't read like a desperate plea for more people to like it. If you like Next Mutation why not start a thread to just discuss some aspect of it like any other version of TMNT? Instead of "Why doesn't anybody like NM?" or "What would it take to get people to like Venus?" why not topics like "How about that Bonesteel?" or "How vast to you think Dragon Lord's army was?" You'll probably still get a few "NM sux!" posts but the people who like NM, and the people who don't but can discuss it maturely will have more positive things to talk about, and NM will seem less "persecuted" on this site.

Here, I went ahead and started one:

Also, it would help if certain NM fans would stop constantly implying that people only dislike NM because they were brainwashed by the "anti-hype". It's very insulting.

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