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Unfortunately for sdp I did watch the show when it was shown back then and I didn't like it. No revisionist Chinese whispers for me. I saw it at the time and didn't like it. The Turtles as well as Splinter looked cheap. The locations weren't too bad I guess. I don't remember being annoyed with the silly sound effects but the sound quality was terrible. From what I remember every single thing was dubbed over. There was nothing natural about the show because from a sounds point of view it was totally dubbed over.

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I know someone will say it's sexism now, but I wouldn't like(and neither would most people, I'd wager) if in, let's say, Sailor Moon, they suddenly shoehorned in a male sailor senshi. He'd look so out of place.
As I mentioned before today a fifth Turtle would be seen as progressive and fans disagreeing would be seen as misogynist trolls. Having said that Laird and Eastman both agreed adding Venus was a bad idea and they're the creators, not Saban. No offense to Saban but apart from his approach to business and his music he isn't really capable at anything creative, or hasn't shown it. I always found adding Venus a gimmick as adding females into an existing male franchise always is. I never understood why Leo needed to swap bandana colour with her? It was really confusing and unnecessary. The writers made good use of her in the show which is good but at the end of the day it just felt like a gimmick.

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Also, even as a kid I knew it was cheap because of this scene right here...Leonardo takes a bite out of an egg while the Turtles are hanging out in the park and then hides it behind his back. It's hilariously amateur. Go look at the 10:26 mark.
Wow, the episodes were only 15 minutes?! Why so short?
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