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Just got back, loved it! The score and soundtrack were great. I'm a big classic rock guy, so it's not like I hadn't heard most of the songs a million times, but still a great selection.

The visuals and effects were great. The whole thing made Peter Jackson's movie look like a pretentious, bloated turd. But it was already that anyways.

The cast was very MCU heavy (even had FAKE Dr. Doom and that Coulson look alike. Plus the Maximoff twins starred in Godzilla, hmm), but I'm not complaining. I think this was the first big movie I've seen Larson in, definitely hype for Captain Marvel. Also crazy how handsome Hiddleston is, they make him so ugly as Loki lol.

I agree with CanadianDrome, JCR was the highlight character. But everyone was awesome, Jackson had a cool arc too.

Pretty frustrating to watch Warner Brothers build this cinematic universe in a natural manner. Good movies leading up tob the crossover event. Pretty simple eh? Then to see how they treat DC... ****. I guess that's just on Snyder and Johns.

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