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Basically, what I want from a new TMNT movie is a darker, grittier and more violent martial arts movie. It doesn't have to be R-rated, that will never happen, but at least give me some awesome, well-coreographed martial arts fighting scenes. They're ninjas after all. And have the Turtles speak Japanese!

When it comes to what version should be adapted, Mirage always springs to mind but I'm a really big fan of what IDW are doing with the story. I think City Fall is an amazing story arc that could be adapted in one movie, and Old Hob is an awesome villain/anti-hero that could really lift a few eyebrows. However, since TMNT is seen as a kids property to non-fans I think there needs to be some references to the cartoony sides of TMNT as well, but not entirely. I wouldn't mind a COWABUNGA moment just for the sake of it.

Personally, I wouldn't mind a quadrology of films (cause there are four Turtles). I'm thinking the first movie could be an origin movie, the second City Fall, the third Return to New York, and the last City at War. I'm focusing on story arcs that takes place on Earth cause I think including all the alien stuff would perhaps be too much?

Something I would greatly appreciate is some deeper character development. Michelangelo goes through depression in the comics, that's a perfect way to explore his character as he's generally the "happy" guy in the team, it would make a great contrast. Also explore their relationships to one another, what relationship does Raph and Don have? Focus on the Turtles and make their personalities more realistic, and not extreme stereotypes.

When it comes to other characters there's a lot I'd like to see. Splinter is a no-brainer, April and Casey should be there but I think we could spare them for one movie. I think Oroku Saki would make a better overarching villain than Shredder, as he could be an awesome business man and clan leader at the same time. Apart from those I wouldn't mind seeing Karai, Baxter, Alopex, Leatherhead, Hun, Slash, Old Hob, Agent Bishop, Mondo Gecko, Nobody or Rat King to name a few.

As long as they make a movie that gives us some awesome martial arts scenes, where they embrace the Turtles's Japanese legacy and explore their personalities on a deeper level, I'm all in.
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