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Originally Posted by Peanut View Post
Working in a grocery store is nothing but little annoyances. Also...huge annoyances.
True, but at least you don't have to wipe the persons a$$ after the annoyances occur. Count your blessings. haha!

I always try to be nice to cashiers and waitresses.I realize that it isn't always a job of CHOICE so much as a job to pay the bills. My mother was a waitress for YEARS and I always had to sit and watch people be utter douche bags to her for no reason.

Speaking of.... I find it kinda irritating when the waiter/ waitress or manager hovers over you at an eatery. I realize it's their job to check up on me but a few seem liked they'd like to sit and have a meal with me. Also it seems like they wait for me to take a mouth full then pop in to ask "How is everything?"

Originally Posted by Benvenuto
Don't you mean 'asshole classic'?
Originally Posted by Kiwamu The Kappa View Post
Voting: pick which lies you think sounds best.

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