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Originally Posted by Bobby Curnow View Post
Wait, you guys don't even know the actual numbers yet. #5 sold over 20K. Compare apples to apples. Check how many other indy comics other than Walking Dead and Buffy sell over 20K at issue #5. The book is doing great.

People aren't going to pick up or drop the book because of the bandanas. They're going to pick up or drop the book based on whether they are enjoying the overall story. To the vast majority of people, bandanas don't enter into it one way or another.

Numbers will continue to go down, because that's what happens for 97% of all books. The question is how fast. So far the are holding very steady. Everything is going way above expectations. So be happy!
Agreed on so many levels... I guess what happens here is the more "committed" fans are worried since they have had the rug pulled out from them multiple times, along with personal preferance.

I came late in the game Vol4 just released 29 or 30(? which ever has casey on the cover). So I never had to wait and wonder if/when and discuss and issue to death. I hope PL finishes vol 4, I hope Eastman and Laird would team up one last time to put a final cap on the Mirage publishing, and I hope for you guys to gain new success with the TMNT.

I am not worried as when working with the indy publishers the numbers, cancellation line, and everything sale wise is lower than DC/Marvel. I will say this, you guys put out a quality book from paper, story, and art (atleast with TMNT and GB) its just a higher grade.

The only thing I wished you did is have something like DC's website when it comes to browsing comic releases.
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