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Hm, on the one hand... between #4 and #5, the book lost over 3,000 readers. On the other, IDW TMNT at large (combining TMNT, Raphael #1, and Michelangelo #1) sold 54,305 copies in the month of December... and that's pretty massive, and the relatively close number between the core book and its specials probably have proved that such specials have sealegs. Also on the positive side, #5 still sold more copies than TMNT #2.

Also, I was looking back at an old blurb from Dan Berger -- and now, this has absolutely zero bearing on any comic book sales right now of any book, anywhere at any publisher right now -- it might interest people to know that, at its peak, TMNT Adventures at Archie was selling 400,000 copies an issue.

Also, a very true quote: "Comics sold well when they were 'cheap entertainment' - when they started costing a small fortune, kids (and/or their parents) migrated to more affordable entertainment and all that was left were 'addicted' adults, and that's where the death by attrition began."
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