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Somethings to think about

Are the turtles on Norinaga's scroll the Mirage turtles, who created an alternate timeline (the TMNT movie universe) when they traveled to Feudal Japan with Renet? Or are they older versions of the movie turtles, going even further back in time at a later date in their own lives?

Other than a few minor details being changed and the turtles wearing rainbow bandanas, aren't the comic and movie universes similar enough to support this theory? If you step on a frog in ancient Japan, does your master's master rival the younger Saki brother for Shen's love instead of the older one in the future?

The Archie universe and Fred Wolf universe were identical and then diverged. Did Armaggon's trip to the past to retrieve Shredder alter the Archie timeline?

Mary Bones is Cherubae in disguise, but is Cherubae Renet in disguise? She does turn Jess Harley into Leatherhead in order to fulfill a prophecy.
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I can hear it now: "I'm sorry little April, I told you that if you didn't take good care of them I'd be taking them away. Now they are going to the lab to be abused for experimentation" (You could almost rewrite this as April caused the fire to get back at her father over it...)
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Powder I'd not defend him, that's just how he gets

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