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Originally Posted by shellofinsanity View Post
thats first contanct, there are 10 movies with number 11 comming out next spring

as for 2 being 4th, i like Undiscovered Country, Search for Spock and Insurection more than The Wrath of Khan.
You have good taste sir.

I love Star Trek, all of 'em. 6 is my favorite movie too! (It's like #12 on my list of movies, just at the cutoff, dang!)

I put 'em
Undiscovered Country
First Contact
Wrath of Khan
Voyage Home
Search for Spock
Motion Picture
Nemesis (goes to her happy place - Data's NOT dead, Data's NOT dead)
The Final Frontier

Can't wait to see #11, especially if J.J. Abrams is still directing it.

How about a top 10 of your favorite Star Trek Characters?

1. Data
2. Garak
3. Kira
4. Ezri
5. Worf
6. Kes
7. Odo
8. Saavik
9. McCoy
10. Reed
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