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Actually... I believe TMNT would have gotten some cult following even if it had been cancelled two seasons in. Let's not forget the internet has made it easier for people to find hidden gems from the past and other rare obscure stuff. I'm sure someone would have eventually found out about the 1987 Turtles cartoon and make it known to some younger people.

Tons of shows out there weren't the most popular around but have gotten a cult following. Nothing would stop TMNT from getting one either. And I bet its action figures would be worth A TON these days... if they aren't already.

And btw, the season 2 finale had a very final episode vibe to it. In fact, when I finished this episode as a kid I assumed that was the final one since the Technodrome sunk into lava at the end. It's like the writers and producers knew this could possibly be the final episode.
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