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Well, it's my understanding that the movie-deal was separate from the cartoon/toy deal, and came from the comic's popularity rather than the cartoon's. So, we'd probably still get the movie (though, who's to say the movie would lead to anything if the cartoon and toys already flopped).

Mirage TMNT would have probably been fine, probably doing better since there would be no "guest-era" to chase off some of it's readers and there would be less indie-comics fans denouncing E&L as "sell-outs" and turning their backs on TMNT. The Palladium RPG would proabably be going strong too for the same reason.

Good points though that "City at War" might not have happened, and thet E&L might have still grown apart after awhile. Here's a question, do you think their comic careers would have stayed mostly turtle-related or do you think they'd have gone on to do lots of other unrelated comic projects if TMNT hadn't become such a big deal?

So, much like if the cartoon/toy deal never happened. My guess is that Mirage would have kept up it's popularity as a comic book, and today would be known as a cult comic series like Bone, or Cerebus, or Sandman. Known to comic fans, and respectably successful, but not a household name that made it's creators millions. The difference here is that it probably wouldn't have gotten any film or TV adaptations in the future because that was already attempted and failed.

Unless of course, a Mirage fan in the TV or Film industries attributed the cartoon's failure to it's departure from the source material...

Originally Posted by Original TMNT Cartoon Fan View Post
During the upcoming years, I guess.

*No Biker Mice from Mars
*No (western) Power Rangers
*No Extreme Dinosaurs
*No Street Sharks
*Maybe no 1990's Batman?
We'd probably still get '90s Batman and Power Rangers, but definitely no Street Sharks or Battle-Toads(which would be the "silver lining" to this).
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