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So this is the film I went to see all those years ago. I think it's the first film I saw in the cinema with my dad although it came out a couple of months later in the UK. I remember having to decide to watch this or Super Mario Bros but then chose this because it's flippin Turtles dammit! Well the trailer and previews were exciting. I was so excited, going to the cinema was a new experience for me but I was really disappointed and embarrassed by the movie. We saw it just after lunch so there wasn't many people in the screening room. I remember a kid around my age, maybe slightly younger came in about a quarter way through with his mum. I found him annoying because he forced himself to laugh at every single joke, even the bad ones while I found almost none of the movie amusing. He reminds me like one of those office employees that laughs hard at every joke his boss makes.

What do I think of the film now? It's still not great. One reviewer had it best when he said the main issue of the movie is that the Turtles fail to work when brought out of New York as it's their interaction with New York that makes the films endearing. The time travel aspect is fine and travelling back in time to Ancient Japan is a no brainer but alas I think Stuart Gillard should have time travelled to the future and read that review...

The costumes let it down whether it's the Turtles or Splinter, the jokes let it down, no Kevin Clash. AVGN wanted Krang and the Technodrome and that would have been cool. It's the best shot movie of the trilogy, it looks lovely. Walker is an interesting villain but not interesting enough compared to the previous two movies. Casey is great, Tarzan Boy is one of the genuine moments that made it feel like a TMNT movie, April was fine although slightly annoying in this film, Witt was excellent but there wasn't enough screen time to develop him so we're left with half well achieved character.

Overall time has been kind to the movie. It hasn't dated as badly as the 2007 or 2014 movie and it's much more watchable than those two movies but as a solid movie I can't say it is. It's at least entertaining and that is okay with me.

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Happy birthday, you unfunny slow drag of a movie. Seriously, this has to be the most boring movie out of all six. The only nice I can say about it is that it's better than OotS, since some parts of 3 were at least a little entertaining. Which says very little, given how much of a moldy dogturd OotS is.
I think this is a better movie than the 2014 and 2007 movie but that's not a recommendation. Time has been kind to it.

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Happy 25th anniversary, TMNT 3. Oddly enough, I like Turtles in Time.
Yes I like the video game as well.
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