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Originally Posted by ZariusTwo
Need any tips on watching the later seasons?

In Space, Lost Galaxy, Time Force, Dinothunder

The first two contain character deaths, one of which is a major one. Zordon.
I knew about Power Rangers In Space, and how it was to be the so-called end of the Power Rangers franchise, with all the cameos and death of Zordon, who used his positive energy to eradicate the evil plaguing the universe.

I also knew Tommy appears in some of the later ones, but I never got to watching them, but perhaps I should give them a chance... I just don't like to think that what I grew up watching is slowly slipping away, never to be remembered again, though I do appreciate it when Toon Disney (Jetix) shows the older episodes from time to time.

Thanks, ZariusTwo, you've inspired me to check into those mentioned series.
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