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None of that. I could do with them being not quite as large, maybe no bigger than the average man, but that wouldn't really earn any slack cutting.

The Turtles themselves don't really bother me much anymore. The clothing/gear never bothered me, even if the look of some were a little busy at times. I can tolerate the overdone height and bulk in this one version. (And my fave turned out to be kind of adorable at times - at least in my eyes and esp in OotS - so I can deal.)

If they want slack cutting, it's going to have to be focused on the writing and use of characters (or overuse of non-humans - wtf I meant humans - in some cases). The first film sucks for the PD Turtles, while the story was okay in some aspects. OotS is by far better on the attention and focus they gave to the Turtles, but then the story sucked. Why can't these people do both?

edit: Actually, in terms of their clothing and whatnot, it bugs me most that they were given things that were never used. Such as each of them having a radio on their shoulder in OotS, but never touched it. That it was pointless was annoying.

That could have been played for laughs if, say, the cops heard them on the radios, before ever crossing paths with them, and yelled at them to get off that frequency. lol Only to find out later it was the Turtles they heard. So many lost opportunities.

Leo's throwing knives and those little axe(?) things on Raph's back (that he'd never reach in a million years) is another example. (And of course 95% of the stuff Donnie carries around.) If you are going to give them these tools - USE THEM. Don't just put it there "because it looks cool."

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