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Originally Posted by MikeandRaph87 View Post
Slow Burn Suicide? Elaborate if toubwould.
There's a reason the second arc is called "I Am Suicide". Batman was a long term way for Bruce Wayne to kill himself, as per Kings run. Not only does it remove anything heroic about the character, it makes aspects of the mythos f***ing horrifying, such as a man who acts as a vigilante as a form of long term, assisted suicide taking on partners, wards and apprentices. Suddenly, the idea of Robin is deeply, deeply ugly in a way it wasn't even before, when the storytelling grew up and the idea of kids acting as mini superheroes and sidekicks had to be either explained or done away with. It's some DKR s***, only without the many, many years of loss and heartbreak wearing him down to the point where he muses on "a good death".

It feels like the ultimate culmination of the 80's sensibilities and focusing on Batman as a psychologically broken figure, only this time taking him past the point where he really should just be in a mental ward.
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