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Originally Posted by ProphetofGanja View Post
Seems like a case of market saturation. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman feature in sooo many monthly titles. At a certain point there's just so much going on in other series that its harder to come up with new, interesting ideas.
It seems like most new story successful titles (in DC) either have an origin conspiracy (Wonder Woman) or a new villain (most Batman and Bat-family titles) or a new team (Red Hood, Detective Comics). Except that the new villain strategy usually only works for individual titles, not bigger titles like Justice League or whatever.

And these are the main strategies because DC isn't relying on a bunch of new characters like Marvel has been (Lady Thor, et al)... so you have to try to find new stories to tell for characters who've been around for SEVENTY years or more.

I dunno, I can only speak to what I've myself read... but Trinity didn't do ANY of those three strategies. What was the point?
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