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Originally Posted by Roseangelo View Post
For the record, I entered into a transaction with the original poster for the complete TMNT 2 & 3 scores that he said he had on CD. It's been two weeks since I paid him and I have no CDs and he has not responded to any messages asking for tracking information.

I did not completely trust the guy when I decided to do this, but I thought it was worth the risk. I am still hoping that he will come through with what he promised, but as it stands I have a dispute open with PayPal on the matter. I hope no one else got taken by him.

UPDATE: I may have received the CDs. I have a package at the post office that I need to sign for, and I can't think of anything else that I'm expecting. Won't be able to pick it up until Saturday; will update then.

Interesting. This is a very strange situation. The OP had legitimate tracks from the score and posted them for free. So it doesn't feel like a scam. He hasn't posted in a while. Perhaps he is just busy? How much did he ask for them?

Considering the quality of the tracks... Well I was wondering. Years ago, I was given awesome quality copies of the scores for the Back to the Future sequels, which included alternate tracks, similar to the expanded albums Intrada, La La Land Records, Film Score Monthly, and Varese release. They were excellent copies, with great sound, as if they came right from the masters. I never, ever saw them on sites like FFShrine, which I found odd, but last year Intrada and Varese just released these for BTTF's 30th anniversary and I am almost 100% certain that source of those were from the work done for those specific albums. They had legit work done on them.

Is it possible that we could be seeing the TMNT scores get legit releases? They are right up LLL's alley, as they like to release superhero scores.
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