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Sweet about the LaLaLand mention! Fingers crossed. Tristan was here asking about contact info for Du Prez a few months ago. Something about a project he's working on for a record label. All signs point to TMNT, but it sounded early, so who knows.

Originally Posted by TheSkeletonMan939 View Post
The weird thing is that it's surprising for scores this old to suddenly pop up.
Even more strange is the QUALITY of the posted SOTO score! When the Ghostbusters score first popped up around 2000, it was captured from an incredibly noisy, low-quality reel-to-reel copy. The SOTO score was primo quality. The poster even mentioned having lossless files. He told me the source, which I really don't want to post here, but it's odd, to say the least.

News to me on the Ghostbusters II official release! Do you have a link for the rumor? The last I heard, Sony was having trouble locating the master tapes, but a few snippets popped up on the GB2 Blu-ray.
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