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Originally Posted by Prowler View Post
England hasn't been doing that greatly on the biggest stages since 2008(they missed that one, even), but I've been told Panama and Tunisia are two rather weak teams. No idea how England is doing these days, but they'd surely be very incompetent if they couldn't manage to beat either of those two teams.

I like the idea of Brazil vs. Germany in the round of 16. that means one of the potential WC winners would be going home rather soon.
I don't follow Football outside of the World cup but going on the last few I'm pretty sure they have struggled a draw or just about won when playing a team that is considered to be one which should be easier to beat.

I hope we won't be embarrassed later or by the England football hooligans kicking off. (if we get that this time)

My children are at martial arts until 7 so I will miss the start, only like a 2/3 minute drive away though.
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