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I was 5 when the first 4Kids episode aired.

I wasn't a hardcore fan but I still enjoyed the 2k3 series, the 2007 movie, the 2007 video games and various people on YouTube such as AVGN and Irate Gamer when they talked about tmnt games.

Strange this is, I didn't know the OT existed back then, nor the original movie trilogy, nor that tmnt started off as a comic. I became a hardcore fan during high school when I began watching the Nick series on tv, and it was a great feeling having so many versions to look at as a new fan.

I was so invested when I became a hardcore fan that I used to come up with tmnt stories of my own or have my existing versions of stories to make them more "badass". For e.g. I made up a version of OT season 1 where Krang's Utrom Body was like 2k3 Shredders and after they fail to defeat the turtles, they both use mutagen to fuse themselves into an ultra Shredder who was a mixture of human, tentacles and robot.

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