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Originally Posted by Lisardo
If you become a seller, doesn't eBay charge you money to sell or something?
Yes, they do.

It's based on how much you state your sale price on the item. They have a listing of how much it is per item price under Seller Questions. Like say, something under $25 will be charged 30 cents. Somthing between $25-$50, will be 60 cents. So on and so forth.

These fees will be charged to your credit card that you have listed, once every month (if you have any).

Originally Posted by Lisardo

Also if you're a seller that accepts Paypal as payment, how do you actually get the payment thru PayPal when someone's paying you with it? I know how to pay ppl with it, but I've never received it as a payment. My guess is cuz I have my bank account set up with Paypal, the payment from the person would go directly into my bank account then. Or else I dunno how else you'd receive, in r/l I mean..
The buyer's payment is sent directly into your paypal account.

Paypal has a balance that is seperate from your bank. They will hold all the monies you get in the paypal account, until you decide to withdrawl it into your bank account.

You will also get an email from Paypal telling you the buyer has sent payemnt. It'll be an invoice with the bid price, the s/h details, and the buyers address. I like to print this out, a copy for myself and a copy to mailback to the buyer with the item they bought.

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