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Originally Posted by CylonsKlingonsDaleksOhMy View Post
Nah, he's too far out for me to laugh at all. I mean, the things he says would be funny but he's just too unhinged. And not in a crazy way, but in a completely sociopathic way.

He's chilling. I think my favorite character who's still alive would have to be... I dunno, Carl, Rick, and Andrea. And Michonne and Ezekiel. Most of my favorites died already... Lori, Glenn, Abraham, Tyrese... this book is more brutal than Game of Thrones.
when i first read him, i REALLY hated Negan and wanted him dead like YESTERDAY!!!

but as the arc went on - he was very sociopathic, but he was also very charming in a very dark humored twisted way!

it was his interactions with Carl that actually made be begin to feel for Negan.
i mean sure he was a vicious killer, but he also had a tremendous singing voice!
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