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Originally Posted by Amaranthus View Post
Gotcha. I wouldn't be gentle though.
Oh, I'm with ya. The idea of hooking up with someone I despise has for some reason always been one of my "things".

((Haphazardly tosses towel on the ground)) "You can clean up after yourself, Megan; I'm not your damn maid. ((Tosses some change on the bed)) I'm gonna take a shower, go ahead and get yourself a cab. There's like, two bucks, probably... that should get you far enough away so that I don't have to hear your voice, at least. Oh, and just so you know, after I saw 'Jonah Hex' on DVD, I went back to the store and stabbed the guy who sold it to me in both of his eyes. The blood is on YOUR hands. Thanks for stopping by!"

....Maybe some of that's a little bit mean.

"I left some words quite far from here to be a short reminder...
I laid them out in stone, in case they need to last forever..."

"But hey... I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know."
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