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I know the design of the lair was one of the few things people seemed to like when pictures came out but I personally didn't care for it.

There's always a charming idea within TMNT that despite being mutants raised in a sewer they actually resemble a real family and the look of the various lairs reflected that except the 2014 movie (which continually used the word family while rarely showing it) were the look of the lair was like the ultimate club house. With it's walls of boom boxes and pizza box furniture etc. There was little sign of Splinter's influence either parental or in terms of his Japanese heritage...well he didn't have that in the movie but he was certainly based on Japanese culture.

The new lair seems exactly the same. I guess those candles are supposed to be Splinter's but otherwise it still looks like a giant club house. I know that people may scoff at this but the fixation on cars and the objectification of Megan Fox it seems the movie has more Michael Bay influence and I can't help but look at those flags and think it's another (admittedly small sign) of his influence. Not that the turtles can't be into motor racing and be proud of the country they live in (or under) but it seems quite un-TMNT to have it displayed like this.

I guess I should be grateful it looks like a new lair. I kinda expected try they'd use the existing lair and gloss over that Shredder and the Foot know it's location. I suppose it could still be their original lair just redecorated. Also anyone miss how sewers used to be portrayed as somewhat realistic with the the various lairs being things like abandoned subway and pumping stations etc. The storm drains in the 1990 movie were very accurate to what they really look like but here it looks as outlandish as you can get.

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