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Tales of the TMNT Special

I have been working for quite some time on a TMNT fan comic project and I am now able to show it to you Dromers.

To give you a clue of the context and content, everything started when I acquired 10 pages of an original Italian story published in 1995.
These 10 pages form the full story and to my knowledge, it has never been reprinted nor translated.

I wanted to share this story so more people would be able to enjoy it.
Thus, I translated it in English.
I also wanted to add my touch to it by drawing a Frontispiece and an epilogue page.
To put the lid on it, it had to look like a real comic book and a cover was commissioned to a French artist.

The full story is now available online following this link.

And for French speaking people, here are more information about original Italian TMNT and the creation process of Tales of the TMNT Special.
- General article
- List of original Italian publications
- Il Giornalino #16 1995 / Tales of the TMNT Special

I hope you enjoy it!
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