Thread: [Question] Can we elect a new Moderator?
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This forum is not a democracy. So it's highly unlikely.

Who gets to be a Mod and who doesn't is a closed-door process and the decisions are made by the Staff. Nobody's really sure how it works, but a few things everybody does know is, if a person asks, they'll never be chosen, and anyone who has "heat" or would be considered too controversial automatically won't be chosen. Temp-Bans also seem to permanently disqualify a person. So Andrew and Cubed wouldn't be considered.

I've even been suggested by a few people over the years, but the suits at Nickelodeon hate me and so do half the members here, so if I were made a Mod it's assured that either half the members would riot and then leave, or Nick would shut the place down.

So yeah, it's a whole big thing. And the guy who gives out the Mod Keys is a hermit. It's been this way for a long time and unlikely to change anytime soon.

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