Thread: [Question] Can we elect a new Moderator?
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Originally Posted by TommyT View Post
I think its time for some fresh blood.
Can we get Andrew Mod powers? What about Oldmanwinters?

They all seem like appropriate Mods, and could help out the overworked current staff.

Can we put this to a vote?
I've moderated a few boards in the past and I can tell you that it's not typically a user consensus thing.

Normally the admin appoints a guy, and I've also found that admins pick guys using their own judgement heuristics. So unfortunately if there's a mod you don't like, then chances are you'd just get another you don't like because the same judgement heuristics are going to be used to pick the next guy anyway.

I can tell you that moderators tend to inform board culture quite a bit though.... I can support that with countless examples both good and bad. The worst mods are the Napolean Dynamite types.... tough guy nerd with strong, cliche opinions who attack people, but then "friend-up" to other people to try and trick the group into thinking that the problem isn't actually him. Those guys are the worst (in real life too)....
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