Thread: [Question] Can we elect a new Moderator?
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Hah! I'm in enough trouble already. Also I forget which of the two goons it was specifically by name.

The dude in question is kinda fat. That much I know. I was told exactly who it was by one of my Friends In High Places but I'd have to go back and check all my PMs to remember the name. Or I guess I could just look up who co-created Rise, but I'm at work right now and don't have that luxury.

I just remember being told who made the complaint, I looked them up and was like "Ah, yeah, that guy looks like a loser, it figures."

I'd also be a controversial Mod choice because I don't ass-kiss people who work on TMNT projects. I've met plenty of Real famous people so I don't automatically get all star-struck and kissy-face with people who work on comic books and cartoon shows. It's just how I am. Not that I'm not grateful for their contributions, but at the end of the day they're just nerds like the rest of 'em, albeit highly-successful ones.

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