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I don't watch that many shows but I do love movies .
Here they are in no particular order.(technically it's eleven but who cares )

Rocky-(I like all of them but the first is the best)
Platoon-awesome flick surprised no one else has this one
Pulp Fiction-he-he gimp
Batman/Batman Begins-both awesome for completely different reasons
The Breakfast Club-Emilio Estevez's best work in my opinion
Spiderman-Tobey Mcguire was so damn perfect in this role
Million Dollar Baby-great great movie
A Clockwork Orange-sick, insane, brutal but genious
Boondock Saints-3rd apperance of Willem Dafoe on my list
Teenage Mutant Ninja Tutrles-last but defenitely not least awesome movie adaptation of the comic/cartoon.
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