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Originally Posted by Candy Kappa View Post
Pictures of the rest of the canned Playmates Mirage figures from NYCC09

To me the Turtles look 'off', but Shredder and the Foot are atrociously bad.
That link isn't working for me, and I keep getting a 'threat detected' message when I click on it.

EDIT: the link is now working, and the images are the same ones I saw in a YouTube video about the 25th anniversary retro figures - which, it appears, are finally being released in the UK - there was an advert for them in the latest UK TMNT magazine, although it shows 6 figures - the 4 turtles, Splinter and Shredder - but says there are 5 to collect - maybe Splinter and Shredder are in a 2-pack or something.
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