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I liked Jurassic World plenty even with its flaws and I'm really looking forward to the sequel. JP is one of my favorite franchises so it's awesome to see it revived. Will any movie come close to the original? Of course not, it's a classic that finishes telling its story by the end of it.
Are sequels still cool regardless because this universe has living dinosaurs on an island? hell yeah!

The Lost World JP : A bit of a disappointment to me since it has so many cool ideas but the movie doesn't execute them well and it ends up lacking, I hate the t-Rex in the city segment. Plenty of redeeming features that make it worth watching to me even if it blundered a bunch of possibilities.

Jurassic Park ///: Indeed a generic dinosaur movie but set in Jurassic Park, but that's my thing and it's awesome for it. I hate the military ending (redeemed in JW) and that Allan/Ellie didn't get married. I like it more than TLW for the fact that it never sets high expectations and it delivers in the basic premise it sets out to do.

Jurassic World: Re-creates scenes from the original with a new twist and that new twist made watching it pretty fun. Nothing groundbreaking but it does a good job. I hate the superhero-esque T-Rex vs Indominous Rex fight at the end.

All sequels have a few flaws but I enjoy them almost equally, there really isn't one I hate. Now that it's been confirmed that the rumored Jurassic War film that JW kind of sets up isn't happening I'm a bit relaxed they won't f-ck it up.

So yeah I'll enjoy the fun sequels even if they'll never hit any of the high notes of the original, they're still fun, I kind of wish we'd gotten a "park clean up" movie but I guess it'll never happen. Now the only thing that could surpass the original movie is if after the Jurassic World trilogy they reboot the series a few years later with a remake of Jurassic Park that stays true to the original novel, it would be the only way to remake Jurassic Park without it being in the shadows of the Spielberg classic. They can make a sequel with TLW's true to the novel adaptation and that both would have to be rated R if they're true to the books making Andrew happy so we all win.
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