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I'm sure I'm forgetting some things and may think of more little stuff later (I also haven't watched the last 3 arcs yet (Monsters, Wanted and Apocalypse) so I may have more to add), but the ones that immediately come to mind:

Irma being a Kraang. Still hate it. Loved this version of Irma and was very disappointed she wasn't somehow still around after that reveal, having just been "replaced" by a Kraang imposter for that twist. Big time fail IMO and one less female character on the show after that.

Casey becoming gradually more idiotic, as others have stated. Not much to add there.

Karai being mutated, then just undoing it so suddenly and 'matter of fact' after all the drama and build up to her mind being lost and her potentially staying stuck in snake form. Still a head-scratcher. I think it boils down to knowing they had backed themselves into a corner and just shrugging it off because why not.

The repeated fake-outs involving and subsequently legit murdering of Splinter. Still probably my biggest irk with this series. It just wasn't necessary IMO. I get the whole "fate is fate, no matter what you try to change or intervene with" perspective they were going for, but I really didn't need to see Splinter impaled and thrown off a rooftop like a sack of trash. It stung more than anything I've ever seen in the entirety of the franchise to date. I'm sure that was entirely the point too, but whatever - I'll always hate it.

The general overuse and overblown threat of the Kraang in general. Seriously, this OMG GUYS INVASION arc seemed to repeat itself way too often in hindsight. By the time we got the supposed "send-off" for that angle in When Worlds Collide, it was beyond played out. I was so uninvested in that story. I really wish we'd been given something else to potentially enjoy instead in that slot during the final Tales season.

Which leads me to another complaint associated with Tales - I'd rather the Usagi arc been increased to 4 or 5 episodes. I think it would've been a better use of the season, and would've made the goofy Yokai episode more tolerable with more time to develop Usagi and the Turtles working together beforehand and Pugtaro's rise to power at the end feeling a little less rushed.
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