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Originally Posted by Roseangelo View Post
Yeah, I'm a bit salty on this one. I had a twitter tab open looking for the announcement, because twitter updates live without having to actively refresh and that is the best I can do while I'm at work. Instagram has no notification system and I miss it completely over there. I express my annoyance on Twitter and Instagram and @TMNT is all "why you hating on us giving away free pins?" when obviously that is not what I am doing. And then when I express extra annoyance that they only make 200 of these and @Pintrill is giving away who knows how many of them to non-TMNT fans and @TMNT is all "Just trying to make new fans." Bulls**t. The damn show is over. And now I just paid way too much to a guy on eBay who seems to have gotten a minimum of FOUR of them.

I just bought my pin on eBay as well from someone who had 5 of them at 20 bucks a pop. So that's 100 bucks they made for doing nothing really.

It sucks. At the opportunity I had two friends pick up the Ciro pumpkin pin so maybe I could trade them for ones I've missed but it didn't seem to work out. I gave one to a fellow dromer who missed it and threw the extra in eBay to buy the rocksteady and bebop pin so... meh.... I can't knock scalpers I guess but it is annoying when folks who aren't fans take advantage of of these promotions for sure.

Has anyone found out if there is one left yet or not?

Thank you to evan2000 for the AWESOME gif! <3
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