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Originally Posted by Redeemer View Post
Thanks for making my point, the cross-over in itself is a big deal, not whether or not its cannon. The mere fact TMNT got a cross-over with arguably the biggest hero right now in the comic industry is huge in itself. Complaining about it not being cannon is hyper focusing that is not necessary.
It all depends, though. Devil's advocate... let's say it turns out that Batman/TMNT II is very bad. Let's say it makes the TMNT look very not good. Because IDW's label is on it, people will associate it with the IDW TMNT, even though it is not. And if it turns out to be great? People will open up the IDW TMNT comics and feel duped that the Turtles in Batman/TMNT were different/some random other incarnation. Seems sort of lose/lose to me on the comics side, even though just having these caliber of crossovers elevates the "stock" of the TMNT franchise.
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