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Krang android body new better pics

tmntfannumerounos' customs

Krangs android body

So this custom was started not long after the first gokin cerebral was announced and while that figure is pretty damm cool I new I wouldn't be throwing down 100 plus on a single figure. So being the cheapskate that I am I was lucky enough to find this power ranger at a yard sale for 5 bucks.

So after some time and hard work here is Krangs finished body.

The base for this custom is a 2001 power rangers wild force 13" figure. This first thing I did was cut the figure at the thighs, shins, and abdomen to fix the proportions and bring it down to around 10 1/2". For the chamber I cut a rectangle from a pop bottle and shaped and screwed it to the body joining both the upper and lower halves. I switched out the original hands for some mcfarlane shrek hands and attached them with some screws. For the upper body I actually used play-doh to give it some bulk then I let it dry and sculpted over it with aves apoxie sculpt. He retains all the original articulation including ankle pivot minus the thigh swivel though. Let me know what you guys think.

Much more to come in various stages of completion.

Punk frogs
Slash (FW)
Tokka (FW)
Rahzar (FW)
Rat King
Casey Jones
Hokum hare
Ray (FW)
Mondo Gecko
AJ Howard
And some moo mesa figures

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