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That.... is a very good question.

On a related note, if it involves contact with the DNA of other organisms, why doesn't what people last ate count? Esp since it's increased 'contact' by actually digesting it. Like if you last had a chicken sandwich before mutation, well... Enjoy being a chicken. (But what if you had a mix of animal or plant DNA in your stomach...? Do you end up like that Hawk-Fish-Worm thing? 1/3rd human, 1/3rd chicken, 1/3rd salad? lol)

That said, I guess the kid is either affected based on what was most recently consumed OR not affected at all if dead DNA ingested doesn't have any impact.

Although if the dead ingested DNA does count... you could have had a chicken sandwich two hours ago then last petted your cat before leaving the house, got mutated, and become a cat woman who gives birth to a chicken child.

What. LOL

Originally Posted by Ninjinister View Post
"The rat is the cleanest one."
As a house guest? Sure. But come on... almost everyone is a little more lax at home. Maybe he's at least good about using the lint roller now and then, but surely there are times the Turtles notice rat fur left behind. lol I just want to see a *sigh* "Dad, seriously..."

Originally Posted by Candy Kappa View Post
I still get a chuckle that Leo now wields this for his main weapon

Maybe he's a fan of Kikuchiyo in Seven Samurai
It kind of annoys me though that it looks nothing like it.

But I suppose it lends support to the fact that I've always maintained that yes, he (normally!) uses KATANA (not the fake 'Hollywood' sword)... some are just straight due to art style. If THAT can be labeled a dachi, then the other can certainly be labeled katana...

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