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Originally Posted by Redeemer View Post
Damn you are just trying to bait someone into a reaction
Originally Posted by turtlefanforever View Post
I'm not at all. Look at DC movies compared to marvel,. they are terrible and with all the hype the avengers was a total let down. when the action finally happened the movie was over. DC films, Man of steel sucked, every superman movie besides the original 4 sucked. Green lantern sucked, the dark night rises sucked, ect. They had some good ones but compared to marvel they are bottom of the barrel.

Let me get this straight... You're saying Marvel movies are better than DC movies, but The Avengers was a letdown? You're saying there wasn't enough action in The Avengers, but you like Superman: The Movie? The Dark Knight Rises sucks? You've seen Superman IV, and you don't think it sucks?

Please, indulge us. What are your favorite comic book movies?
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