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Originally Posted by AquaParade View Post
I want to love this series.

The spirit is there, Greg Capullo’s pencils are gorgeous, and own soundtrack. That is so cool.
Scott Snyder’s writing can really drag it down for me, however. I find the book to be heavily overwritten. If you’re going to have this much prose and dialogue, it has to be capriveting. I love the lengthy prose of Alan Moore’s comics, it’s poetic. This feels more like exposition.
i totally get you on this.

i was on board with the New 52 Batman since day one. i'd honestly though i was in love with Snyder's storytelling until the first Annual and then issue #12.
trying to read his writing without Capullo's art to droll over was painful for me.
and it felt like the longer the series went on the more overbearing the exposition got. almost like he was punishing his readers.

i still love Capullo's art. it might not be as wicked looking as when he was doing Spawn.
even his early issues on Batman had more rawness to them, but i still enjoy it.
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