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Originally Posted by FredWolfLeonardo View Post
I don't think the Utrom Shredder would be goofy enough to co-incidentially be in Europe at the same time or follow them there but otherwise, I would be interested to see how a trip to Europe would've been.

That's where they could've gone instead of travelling to the future in fast forward and they could devote an entire season (26 episodes) to the turtles visiting the major countries and Splinter teaching them while they face random enemies across the way. Sounds like a fun idea to me even though the Classic European vacation wasn't my favourite part of the original cartoon.
I would say:
*One episode set in France, with the turtles fighting art thieves stealing paintings by four since long deceased European Renaissance artists....
*One episode set in Italy, with the turtles fighting mafia.
*One episode set in the Romania, with the turtles fighting Dracula.
*One episode set in the UK, with the turtles fighting punks.
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