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Don't know where to put this really, but walked up to the dentist office today to find the door propped open and a sign warning that the carpet was wet. I figured maybe they'd just had it cleaned or something.

Nope... turned out they'd lost electricity over the weekend annnnd it somehow caused the pump (filter?) for their aquarium to leak water and soak much of the carpeting, which they'd been trying to dry out for two days.

Oops. >.<

A "happy" part to that - at least their fish were ok, enough water remained in the tank, and for me it was a distraction from waiting room nervousness, and a little entertainment when the carpet cleaning guys showed up.

When furniture was being moved and a lady and her grandson were asked to move to the other side of the room so a sofa could be moved, the lady told the young child the carpet was being cleaned because the fish had an accident.
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