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Originally Posted by newfan View Post
Also, this show was a kids show, they get kids to love these guys, see them as heros and then give them a sad end? Maybe some of the denial came from people not expecting that.
Course, this may have been Ciro being kid friendly, seen as they were alive (in some form) in the end
I'm not sure how I would feel if the show were older and grittier, ending wise I mean, (though I don't expect to see the hero's die in movies that often but I know the original story wasn't a happy end ) I'd be less surprised. So far as these turltes go, no I didn't expect or want that for them.
They didn't had a sad end, they had a bittersweet one, you know, the actual original lesson behind the whole franchise? That life at best is bittersweet?
Life at best is bittersweet
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