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Originally Posted by TMNTChris1980 View Post
Yeah, I'm still waiting too. I'm just going to keep being patient. I see where everyone is coming from, but like another poster has said, it's not very often that an opportunity like this pops up.

I think (and maybe Powder will agree), it's better to have an artist get into a commission when he (or she) is feeling it, than have them just rush something out. I guess we'll find out when I we get ours in.

I have a commission setup with another TMNT artist that will break the year mark soon. Same thing, I never thought I'd get the chance to get something by them, but I can wait it out.
Yeah, but there comes a point when it becomes poor business practice. If he would have told me before hand that the process would take up to two years, I would have been fine with it, but I was under the impression that mine would be done within a few months. I have been very respectful in my emails to him and will continue to be very respectful, but I am getting annoyed at this point. He said he has a bunch done and they just need to be why not just mail them already? i dont quite understand that part.
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