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Ok, just seen the Mousers too! Not sure how I missed those! This line is definitely going to hurt my bank balance!

Here's the pre-order dates I can make out

August - Donatello
September - Michelangelo and the Mousers 2-Pack
October - Raphael

Can't see the date on Leo but I'm guessing this month since we know he's coming first.

Originally Posted by The Fifth Turtle View Post
That's how the original Raph was painted. It's an obnoxious green.
Yeah but that was a $5 toy not a (likely) $150-200 collectible. Plus isn't this line meant to be based primarily on the original comics where they were all the same colour? I get they want to put in nods to other things, like the Playmates colours, but I just feel the green needs toning down a bit on Raph.

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