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Regarding Fugitoid’s place in the timeline...

In TMNT #5 it’s said Raph has been training with the guys for a month. As that issue takes place around Christmas time that puts TMNT #1-4 in November (let’s say 2011). That makes the “18 months ago” flashback, where April joins Stockgen as an intern, May 2010 and the “15 months ago” flashbacks (the break in, the mutation, Old Hob starting to work with Baxter) August 2010.

So TMNT #5, the Raph micro and the Mikey mirco all take place late December (a few days before Christmas through to NYE)

TMNT #6 picks up shortly after, presumably early to mid January as April is back in college following winter break. There’s a small narrative (few days/week at most), where Kevin Eastman’s short Hero Comics story, the Donatello micro and Infestation 2 take place, then TMNT #7-8, Leo micro, TMNT #9-12 (and Splinter micro during #11) all take place over one night!

There’s another short narrative gap (only a day or so based on events in TMNT #13, like Splinter still meditating on Shredder’s return and Baxter just regaining consciousness following Krang drugging him in TMNT #12) where the April micro takes place, then we have the Casey micro which leads directly into TMNT #13-14. So I think it’s safe to say we’re still in January at the moment.

The earliest the Fugitoid micro can take place is between TMNT #12 and the April micro, as Chet reflects on events seen in TMNT #9. If Bobby says it fits after #14 then that’s good enough for me (he posted the other day it could fit either before #1 as most of it is set in the past or after #14 as that's when it was intended to be released). It’s only a few days later in the narrative, and actually fits nicely with Shredder telling Karai she’s no longer second in command in TMNT #13 as she’s not by his side when Chet meets him at the end of the micro.

Working on Fugitoid’s “present day” being January 2012, that makes the events of two years ago January 2010, and the events of 20 months ago May 2010, so Chet must have joined Stocktronics pretty much immediately as that’s the same month April joined as an intern! The timing is a little tight, but there’s nothing in that first flashback that really contradicts this. By 18 months ago (July 2010) Chet was officially aware that Baxter was working for Krang and presumably working on projects like the mutagen, terrapin exo-armor and psychotropic serum (I say officially as I presume he knew before and that’s the reason he took the job, but by July 2010 he had been told the truth, or at least a verison of it, by Baxter as he was in the office with Baxter whilst he was communicating with Krang).

Just skimmed through pretty much the entire run to make sure all the details fit and I have to say it’s been a great ride so far, and whilst #12 was a climax of sorts, it feels like everything is still building towards even bigger events in the near future with the upcoming Krang arc and the Foot Clan mini series!
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