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Originally Posted by Candy Kappa View Post
Do they claim to make historically accurate figures, though? They seem to plan more figures, and it can still be fantasy even though it's called The Feudal Series.
The thing keeping me from giving them any money is that they were so coy while teasing the line. It's a mix of history and fantasy, but they're not drawing the line. I believe that toys can educate as much as they can entertain, and that just didn't happen here.

It's more for people who want Marvel ninjas and GI Joe ninjas than people who want something accurate out of the Feudal era. The people who hear Matthew Perry and think Chandler Bing and not the Treaty of Kanagawa.

It should be a great figure. But the subtext on the forum is that they're making the best ninja figure ever... which is both true and false depending on how you look at it. Which is why I'm knocking the Feudal Series subtitle and not the actual product.

It's like the TMNT Classic Bebop and Rocksteady. They were Bebop and Rocksteady but there was absolutely nothing distinctly Classic about either of the designs.
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