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Firstly, I love your posts so I hope you don't interpret any of my replies as personally antagonistic.

Secondly, I am by no means a Japanese sword expert, and can only really go on three odd decades of reading American comics based on Japanese traditions.


Originally Posted by Candy Kappa View Post
Ninjato as a straight bladed sword used by ninja is a completely fictional weapon created by the film industry the 1960's.
Given that every Ninja Turtle incarnation takes place in the 1980s or later, I don't see this as a problem. Given they are also fictional... again, seems perfectly fitting.

Originally Posted by Candy Kappa View Post
And Twin Katana is as dumb as the concept of the Ninjato, no one with a sound mind and competence dual-wields 2 two-handed swords with equal length in a serious combat scenario.
Sure, but again... fictional characters.

Originally Posted by Candy Kappa View Post
If Super7 can fix Raphael's sai to a actual sai instead of the weird dagger thing he was using in the vintage toy line (and cartoon) they can fix Leo's swords as well.
Ah... I see what you are saying here. The vintage toy did take some liberties, but in the comics Raph was always depicted with Sai, rather than a wierd bladed hybrid, so this change makes sense.

Originally Posted by Candy Kappa View Post
Plus, Leo did use a long and short sword in the 2012 show
This may be true (given the final diagram you posted), and to be honest I never really noticed the size difference in the show... unlike the obvious difference between traditionally depicted daisho. Were the show runners attempting to retcon the (as you indicated) ridiculous concept of wielding twin katana?

Yep... referred to as a katana, and even depicted with a curved blade.
I'd figured this is where the cartoon had drawn inspiration, but later comics certainly depict Leo's blades as straight, i.e. ninjato.
While the RPG may refer to the twin blades (I would argue incorrectly) as daisho, the image presented does not depict them as such. Neither did the comics. Neither did the cartoon. They aren't worn on the hip as traditionally depicted, but always on the back, as per ninja in the movies... who wielded ninjato.
Yep, katana. Figure inspired by the cartoon... katana. But no wakizashi.
Says "katana" but depicts a straight blade. Katana are curve-bladed (like wakizashi). Ninjato are depicted as being straight-bladed.
Again... paired, straight-bladed, same-sized swords. No shorter, curved-blade sword (wakizashi). This is what I think of when I envisage Leo's weapons.
I'll be honest... I had to look up Niten-ryu. Best I can tell it describes a style of swordsmanship, rather than the blades themselves. And again, reference to paired katana... no mention of wakizashi.

The swords depicted here are again, the same length. Unless they are paired wakizashi, of which I am not convinced, this does not depict wakizashi.

Okay... so this is the only picture which has two swords of different size, though the length of the tanto blade added to the shorter would make it longer than the daito, so the shoto is arguably only barely a shoto. But again, both swords are depicted as straight-bladed (in my eyes). Any suggestion of a curve is suggested by the fact that the tip is stylised in such a way that the tip is wider than the kissaki is wider than the habaki (had to look up those descriptions too).

Originally Posted by Candy Kappa View Post
Where's the ninjato?
Depicted in the Mirage comic art (third picture you posted (the first two are an anomaly; by the second issue of the original comic Leo had straight-bladed swords)) and the 2003 series art (5th and 6th images), and arguably stylised versions in the 2012 series (7th, and 8th images) and the 9th (I don't know where that's from), though the words are depicted as different lengths in that image, you have to be looking for it to see it (and a wakizashi is obviously smaller than a katana).

I stand by my original comment, but maybe we just interpret "daisho" and "wakizashi" differently. All that said, if Super 7 give Leonardo curved swords, I would be disappointed. Though I doubt I'd be disappointed if he had a slightly shorter second sword.
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