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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
Nick show might've lasted less than 2k3 and most of it's impact was only in the first few seasons but that was still more impact than 2k3 had over its entire run. You don't see many people getting nostalgic for 2k3 even though it's basically 15 years old but you will for the Nick show even if it's from a bunch of tumblr fans.

I mean, I wish it were different, because then we could have some 2k3 inspired merchandise or figures but I just don't think there's enough of a market there sadly.
Yeah the Nick series felt like it was trying to reignite Turtlemania from 1988-1992. While 2k3 was trying to be as different from the FW series as possible. It was Laird's pet project and I don't think he expected it to come close to the FW series in its prime in terms of popularity. 2k3 was just another cartoon at the time it aired.

Dunno if this is a good analogy, but the 2k3 series was the Nintendo GameCube. The GC was sorta like Nintendo's wet dream or something. Something they made mostly for Nintendo gamers and such. It wasn't trying to topple the PS2 in sales. While the Nick series was the Wii. Notice how the Wii also sold like hot cakes in the first couple of years and then lots of people regretted or let it collecting dust? Similar to the Nick series being very popular in the first two seasons and then dropping in popularity.
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