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Originally Posted by Tomoshibi Amatsu View Post
Same as it never was. Was that episode supposed to be a loosely based version of the image comics? I mean cyborg Don, the turtles being mutilated, the overall darker tone. It just screams the Image comics.
You know, I've never gotten that vibe from it. It's easy to say that if you've never read any of the Image volume, but they don't really mirror each other at all. The Image comics are dark and surreal, Same as it Never Was is more of a cliche post-apocalyptic future deal.

The only thing people draw on for this is the fact that Mikey is missing an arm (so? It's a goddamn post-apocalyptic future), Raph is missing an eye (just like he is in future Archie and future Mirage), and Don wears a robot suit (which has about as much in common with the Cyber Turtles from the old toon and Archie as anything else).

The only thing in the new cartoon that has ever reminded me of the Image series is how absurdly buff the Turtles are.
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