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Originally Posted by Cobra5000 View Post
Can you add the tmnt red-sky soundclips to your new version of mugen TMNT characters?
Its funny that you posted this because that's what I've been doing. Its impossible to find clips of any season before Red Sky on the internet so those are going to be added to the turtles audio files. I don't want to get too caught up in adding sound clips though, they could make the resulting filesize huge.

-I've added Donatello's Heel Drop move from Tournament Fighters (NES), its nowhere near as cheap as it was in the source game though.
-Leonardo's 3 supers, 1 hyper, 3 specials. complete

-I'll be giving Michelangelo a Spinning Piledriver command throw that he'll most likely incorporate in his hyper attack as well.

sorry its taking so long I'll post a video once I've made more progress
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